Monday, February 3, 2014

The Idea Behind It and Rules

We aren't traveling for work anymore and one of our goals was to cook meals more often. We wanted to try new meals as opposed to having the same over and over or having just slight variations to the same recipe, so we thought it would be fun to try a different dinner for 365 days.

A different dinner for 365 days to us follows these rules:

  • No duplicate main dish, including home cooked or if we go out.
  • A slight variation of a main dish is considered a duplicate. i.e. No spiced pulled pork and then different spices pulled pork or no chicken fajitas and then steak fajitas
  • A main dish can have the same main ingredient but with different ingredients added. i.e. BBQ chicken and then chicken cordon bleu
We will be using this wonderful blog to track and share our progress. Each day (or at least for each meal) we will post the recipe we used, a picture of the meal and both of our opinions of the meal. We would love for each of you to share recipes you'd like us to try, try recipes we've done or even share variations on our recipes you like better. We look forward to eating with you!