Monday, February 17, 2014

Day Fourteen - Samba Brazilian Grill (2.15.14)

Today was the first day during this challenge we went out to eat. What that means for you is we have no main course recipe and no picture to offer for your viewing pleasure. What we do have below is a brief description of the restaurant and our opinions on the food.

Description (Provided by Samba's website)

For those of you who are not current or former gauchos who roam the prairies of Brazil, you might need an explanation of our style of service. At the end on a long day of work tending to cattle and stock, Brazilian cowboys (gauchos) and their families would prepare great feasts. They would skewer various meats, roast them over a fire pit and bring them to the table for carving. There would be a bounty of seasonal vegetables, stews and salads using fresh ingredients from the fruits of their labor. Samba Brazilian Grill is inspired by this tradition.

When you first arrive at Samba, have a Caipirinha or Mojito before enjoying our opulent first course which features over 40 items.  You will find a variety of house-made salads, roasted vegetables, artisan cheeses, olives, breads, and much more.
Each table receives a cylindrical pillar, red on one end and green on the other. We start you on red, but when you are ready to begin meat service, turn the pillar to green.  On that cue, our gauchos will bring you a variety of grilled meats and carve them table side. Some of the meats you might enjoy during a dinner with us would be: Top Sirloin (Picanha), Cachaca Marinated Beef Tenderloin, Churrasco Seasoned Flank Steak, Beef Strip Loin, Parmesan Encrusted Pork Tenderloin , Leg of Lamb, Linguica Pork Sausage, BBQ Chicken Breast, and of course, Grilled Pineapple dusted with Cinnamon and Sugar.


Potter: I love Samba! We have been there a few times now and it has never failed to disappoint. Don't let the description confuse you, this place is for meat eaters. It is not worth the money for vegetarians or chicken only eaters. When attending Samba (or any Brazilian grill) prepare ahead of time because the meat courses are unlimited and you will definitely find yourself letting out your belt. As for the meats they have had different options each time we've gone but have consistently had the variety listed above, just with different marinades or seasonings. I always try everything and love the beef cuts but I usually only have one taste of the sausage (it's usually a bit salty for my tastes).

Katie: I love Samba as well! I agree with everything Potter stated above. I also want to add that the grilled pineapple is the *best* part of the meal! I can keep eating it even when I am full from eating all the meat courses brought to the table.  My favorite meat courses are the Mango BBQ Chicken and the Churrasco Seasoned Flank Steak.