Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day Twenty-Nine - Kielbasa (3.2.14)

  • 1 package kielbasa

1) Cook per package instructions.

Curried rice on the side.


Potter: This was another one of those 'let's see what we have in the freezer that will take less that 20 minutes to cook' nights. It was pretty standard; if you've had kielbasa before it tasted like that, if you haven't had it before it tasted like sausage and if you haven't had sausage before this meal is probably not the one for you. (PS, I just read Katie's meal description and I totally got hosed on the dinner choices tonight).

Katie: I went out to dinner before a show tonight. The girls and I went to The Icon for tapas. As always, this place was delicious! We had baked goat cheese, artichoke dip, tuna tartar, beef empanadas and duck confit flatbread. Topped the meal off with caramelized banana and apple tart. Love this place!